Evolve Patch 8: Class Revamp

Patch Notes​

03/22/2023 Class Revamp:​

Creature Handler and Bio Enginner:
  • These skill trees are in the very beginning phases of being tested and enabled
  • Schematics for Enzymes has been moved to Bio Engineer (Credit Wishdokkta)

  • Skill updates which revamps the class around AOE attacks and glancing blow defensives. (Credit NORD and DWTerabyte)

  • Skill updates which revamps the class around DOT attacks and dodge defensives. (Credit NORD and DWTerabyte)

  • Skill updates which revamps the class around Strikethrough and Piercing Armor damage and block defensives. (Credit NORD and DWTerabyte)

Teras Kasi:
  • Some defenses have been tuned down, a larger revamp is coming in a future update.

  • Added Strikethrough and Piercing Armor skills.

  • Now has the sure shot line of abilities.

  • Sure Shot has been swapped out for Vital Shot which now has an additional bleed effect.
  • Now has the additional expertise for the assault and vital shot line of abilities.
  • Carbineer has two new abilities to apply DoTs to their ammo. (Fire or Acid)
  • Concussion Shot Mark should now work with any weapon except Heavy Weapons. (Credit DWTerabyte)

Squad Leader:
  • Medical Supply Drop is no longer giving out double commands (Credit DWTerabyte)
  • Medical Supply Drop base cooldown has been reduced to 5 minutes from 30 minutes.
  • Artillery Strike can now work indoors like it does on other servers. (Credit NORD)

  • Crafting Professions should now give out the correct badges (Credit SWGVet1977)
  • Fixed the "At Max XP" Spam, again. (Credit DWTerabyte)
  • Droid commands moved to droid tab
  • Pet commands moved to the pet tab
  • Entertainer commands moved to the entertainer tab
  • Ability to make pet food in a factory crate (Credit DWTerabyte)
  • Allow Droid batteries to stack in inventory (Credit Sage)
  • Allow Powerups to stack (Credit Cyco)
  • Allow limited use schematics to stack in datapad (Credit Raum)
  • Grant everyone the Power-Assisted Sprint (Credit DWTerabyte)
  • Fixed a bug with politician skills taking away from your expertise points (Credit DWTerabyte)
  • Added 15k, 60k and 120k Resource Deeds that will eventually be added as rewards
  • Swapped Resources with Resource Crates on the test FROG.
  • New UI for Expertise Page to better separate Skill Trees (Credit Wishdokkta)