Evolve Patch 7: QoL Update 2

Patch Notes​

03/14/2023 QoL Update 2:​

  • Player Inventory Increased to 120 Items (Credit Talisa for pointing the way)
  • Backpack Inventory Increased to 100 Items
  • Increased Crafting Crates to 100 Items
  • Moved some basic crafting schems from Master Artisan to Novice Artisan (Credit to Prey)
  • Added Armor Use to Novice Armorsmith
  • Re-enabled Abilities to be used in a ship interior
  • GCW Buff Banner now applies class buffs related to the trained novice boxes
  • Increases Max Crafter Experience in later expertise boxes (Credit to SWGVet1977)
  • Added Weapon XP to Quests based on the current weapon equipped
  • Added a starter mineral survey tool to newly created characters
  • Added Experience Grant options to the FROG for testing

    Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed strings in Rifleman tree (Credit to SWGVet1977)
  • Fixed more strings (Credit to Doom and Jayfett)
  • Completed another pass on abilities and weapon requirements (Credit to Shotgun Charlie)
  • Fixed an issue Smuggler Missions (Credit to Wobby)
  • Fixed an issue with Commando Kill Meter not appearing (Credit to Shotgun Charlie and NORD)
  • Fixed missing Droid Enginner Schematics (Credit to DWTerabyte)
  • Fixed an issue with Bounty Mission Terminals
  • Heavy Weapons will now properly grant Heavy Weapon XP
  • Fixed a loop hole allowing people to train TK innate armor and the "wear armor" ability
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